L’art de la Table Collection

L’art de la table project is part of Studio Flore's Pause and Reflect series, a collection of poetic objects inspired by nature and intended to highlight the essential things in life. The collection is produced in collaboration with Mudshark Studios, a ceramic studio located in Portland, Oregon.

This series of objects is intended to bring a touch of originality to our table and into our houses, while improving the culinary experience in a poetic and emotional way. These objects awaken the senses and highlight those things that may seem insignificant in our daily lives, but which are in fact essential for life. Each piece can be used individually or together, ideal for both serving or displaying objects. Kept Goods is honored to feature L'art de la table, and plans to make the collection available Winter 2019. Please email us at hello@keptgoods.com to reserve your order before the launch.